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Shroud of the Horadrim

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Quest Description


Search for Neyrelle and the Horadric Vault

I must search for Neyrelle in the Darkened Holt. Perhaps we can find the Horadric Vault together.

Quest Path

  • Enter the Darkened Holt
  • Search for Neyrelle in the Darkened Holt
  • Speak with Neyrelle
  • Find the way to the Horadric Vault
  • Enter the Shadowed Glade
  • Examine the Three-Faced Statue
  • Enter the Fiery Portal
  • Search for Neyrelle
  • Open the Living Gate
  • Speak with the Bloodied Wolf
  • Follow the Bloodied Wolf
  • Use the Fiery Portal to return to the Darkened Holt
  • Continue with the Bloodied Wolf
  • Slay the ghosts