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Precision is a Rogue passive skill from the Key Passives skill tree.


Critical Strikes with Marksman skills grant you Precision. You gain x4% increased Critical Strike Damage per stack of Precision, up to a maximum of x20%.

When you reach maximum Precision, your next Marksman skill is a guaranteed Critical Strike that deals x40% increased Critical Strike Damage, then consumes all stacks of Precision.

Items that work with Precision

The following item is designed specifically to work with Precision.

Unique Items



"Genai took up her bow and aimed at the sun itself. The light burned her eyes, but her arrow flew true. Wounded, the sun hid, and brought forth the first night." - Fable of the Great Sky-Hunt

Type: Bow

Description: The first direct damage you deal to an enemy is a guaranteed Critical Strike. If you had maximum stacks of the Precision Key Passive when you cast the skill, gain 20 - 30 Energy, this can only happen once per cast.

Affixes: - Item Power 725

  • + 20% Damage to Distant Enemies
  • + 38 - 52 Dexterity
  • + 10.5- 17.5% Marksman Skill Damage
  • + 10.5 - 17.5% Critical Strike Damage
  • + 1 Ranks to Exploit