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Dark Shroud: Revision history

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7 April 2023

28 March 2023

7 March 2023

23 November 2022

  • curprev 18:3918:39, 23 November 2022Rush talk contribs 1,172 bytes +1,172 Created page with "{| class="wikitable" |- | rowspan="2" width="33%"| ====Dark Shroud==== Surround yourself with up to <span class="yellow">5</span> protective shadows. Gain <span class="yellow">11.2%</span> Damage Reduction per active shadow. Each time you take direct damage, that damage is reduced and a shadow is consumed Dark Shroud's shadows have a <span class="yellow">10%</span> chance not to be consumed. While you have at least <span class="yellow">2</span> active shadow from Dark..." Tag: Visual edit: Switched