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Aspect of The Protector: Revision history

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25 February 2023

  • curprev 18:0118:01, 25 February 2023Rush talk contribs 447 bytes +447 Created page with "<noinclude>{| class="wikitable" !'''Name''' !'''Category''' !'''Description''' !'''Dungeon''' !'''Zone''' |-</noinclude> |style="width: 20%"|<mark>Aspect of The Protector</mark> |style="width: 10%"|Defensive |style="width: 50%"|Every <mark>[10-?]</mark> seconds, gain a Barrier absorbing up to <mark>[N]</mark> damage. |style="width: 10%"|Lost Archives |style="width: 10%"|Fractured Peaks |- <noinclude>|}</noinclude> Category:Aspects"