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Whispers from the Past

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Quest Description

Campaign Quest

Find your way into the Tyrant's palace

We must travel through some old tunnels to find the passageway Oyuun described. If we can find it, it should lead us into the Tyrant's palace, and to Elias.

Quest Path

  • Discover a way into the palace
  • Speak to Lorath at the entrance of the Offal Pits
  • Speak with Lorath
  • Find the entrance to the old escape tunnel with Lorath
  • Eavesdrop through the wall
  • Enter Elias' Sanctum with Lorath
  • Discuss your findings with Lorath
  • Search for information on Elias' ritual
  • Slay {MONSTER}
  • Inspect the ward of sealing
  • Speak with Lorath outside
  • Enter the Offal Pits
  • Enter the Bowels of the Palace
  • Search for Elias within the Tyrant's Court


When asked to search for clues of the ritual location, look at the floor just to the left of Lorath who is standing at the bookcase. There is map on the floor. The other objects are on tables in the room.