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The Knight and the Magpie

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Quest Description

Search for Vigo at the old mines in Gale Valley.

Quest Path

  • BreadcrumbDescription: I must find Vigo somewhere inside the Old Mines in Gale Valley.
  • Search for Vigo
  • Slay the Ghouls
  • Speak with Vigo
  • Inspect the Sealed Gate with Vigo
  • Speak with Neyrelle
  • Follow Vigo into Windfall Cave
  • Go to Pine Knob

Quest Phases

  • A demon woman has been sighted in Gale Valley. A Knight Penitent named Vigo posted at the Condemned Mines may know more.
  • Search for Vigo in the Old Mine Camp
  • Neyrelle, and I venture into the mines in pursuit of Lilith and Neyrelle's mother, Vhenard.
  • Follow Vigo into the mine
  • Slay the Skeletons
  • Inspect the Condemned Mines
  • Speak with Neyrelle