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The City of Blood and Dust

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Quest Description

Campaign Quest

Rescue Oyuun from the Guulrahn

Oyuun is the only person who knows the secret entrance into the palace where Elias was headed. I must find and rescue her.

Quest Path

  • Enter Guulrahn and search for Oyuun
  • Search for Oyuun in the Market Square
  • Find the Market Square
  • Find a way into the city's prison
  • Slay Akil, Jailer of the Weak
  • Search the Prison for Oyuun
  • Find the prison
  • Pick up the Prison Keys
  • Destroy the weak wall
  • Find the exit and escape the prison with Oyuun
  • Open Oyuun's cell
  • Find the secret wall with Oyuun
  • Find the secret exit
  • Speak with Oyuun