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The Cage of Grief

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Quest Description

Campaign Quest

Travel to the Hungering Swamp

Taissa is convinced that the solution to repairing the soulstone lies in the Hungering Swamp.

Quest Path

  • Accompany your allies to the Hungering Swamp
  • Collect Maggot Queen Ichor
  • Collect a Yellow Lotus
  • Pickup the Yellow Lotus
  • Pickup the Maggot Queen Ichor
  • Place the Maggot Queen Ichor into the boiling pot
  • Place the Yellow Lotus into the boiling pot
  • Bring Taissa and Donan to the ritual site
  • Speak with Taissa in the Hungering Swamp
  • Speak with Taissa
  • Enter the Fiery Portal
  • Return to the ritual site
  • Ignite Swamp Incense {DONE_OVER_NEEDED}
  • Speak with the Herald of Hatred
  • Exit the Fiery Portal
  • Follow the Herald of Hatred