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Suffering Disquiet

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Quest Description

Campaign Quest

Discover the fate of the Orbei Monastery

Lorath has sent me to Orbei Monastery to speak with the Abbot, who may have more to share about the reasons Elias would have come to Dry Steppes.

Quest Path

  • Enter the Orbei Monastery Halls and search for the Abbot
  • Find the words of the Secret Litanies to gain access to the inner cloister. ({DONE}/{NEEDED})
  • Recite the litany and remove the seal on the doors
  • Travel to the Orbei Monastery to speak with the Abbot
  • Search for the Abbot of the monastery
  • Slay the Tortured Spirit of the Orbei Monks
  • Speak with the Abbot of Orbei
  • Slay the Eidolon of Orbei
  • Search the dead for a key
  • Place the Crusader Skull on the Pedestal
  • Pick up the Crusader Skull