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Rogue Unique Items

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Rogue Unique items come with bonuses that are more suited to the Rogue class to augment either Rogue skills or stats that benefit the class.


"I've never seen such ruthless butchery. He deserves to be be shipped off to die in the swamps with the rest of the godless murderers." - Witness to the murder of Sergeant Walcot

Type: Dagger

Description: Your Core Skills deal [20%] — [ 40%] increased damage when spending 3 Combo Points. Your Basic Skills using this weapon have a [30%] chance to generate 3 Combo Points.


  • + Damage to Close Enemies
  • + Attack Speed
  • Critical Strike Chance to Injured Enemies
  • Damage with Dual-Wielded Weapons
  • + Core Skill Damage
style="width: 15%;" | Ashearas_Khanjar.png

Asheara's Khanjar

When Caldeum's gates closed, Asheara led her Iron Wolves out of the city knowing full well they would never return. Instead they roamed Kehjistan pledging their blades to any who were in need.

Type: Dagger

Description: Hits with this weapon increase your Attack Speed by [Affix_Value_1 * 100%|] for [Affix."Static Value 0"] seconds, up to [Affix_Value_1 * Affix."Static Value 1" * 100%|].


  • + Damage to Close Enemies
  • + {0} Damage
  • + Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
  • + Movement Speed for {VALUE2} Seconds After Killing an Elite
  • + Lucky Hit Chance
style="width: 15%;" | Skyhunter.png


"Genai took up her bow and aimed at the sun itself. The light burned her eyes, but her arrow flew true. Wounded, the sun hid, and brought forth the first night." - Fable of the Great Sky-Hunt

Type: Bow

Description: The first direct damage you deal to an enemy is a guaranteed Critical Strike. If you had maximum stacks of the Precision Key Passive when you cast the Skill, gain [X] Energy, this can only happen once per cast.


style="width: 15%;" | Windforce.png


"There have been numerous world-shaping conflicts throughout history. This bow has been found on the battlefield of every one, and always in the hands of the victors." - Barrett's Book of Implements

Type: Bow

Description: Lucky Hit: Hits with this weapon have up to a [0%] chance to deal double damage and Knock Back the target.


  • + Damage to Distant Enemies
  • All Stats
  • + Core Skill Damage
  • + Damage to Distant Enemies
  • +Ranks to Impetus
style="width: 15%;" | Word_of_Hakan.png

Word of Hakan

"Let the great gates of Caldeum be sealed. Let its proud walls stand fiercely defended. The rest of Kehjistan may suffer this plague, but my city, and my people, will not." - Proclamation of Hakan II

Type: Amulet

Description: Your Rain of Arrows is always Imbued with all Imbuements at once.


  • Resistance to All Elements
  • Non Physical Damage
  • + Ultimate Skill Damage
  • Critical Strike Damage with Imbued Skills
  • +Ranks to Imbuement Skills
style="width: 15%;" | Grasp_of_Shadow.png

Grasp of Shadow

Dark wisps creep hungrily across these gloves, like an assassin's blade seeking a life to steal on a moonless night.

Type: Gloves

Description: Lucky Hit: Damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a Marksman or Cutthroat Skill has up to a [20%] — [ 30%] chance to summon a Shadow Clone that mimics your attack.


  • + Attack Speed
  • + Vulnerable Damage
  • Shadow Clone Damage
  • +Ranks to Core Skills
style="width: 15%;" | Cowl_of_the_Nameless.png

Cowl of the Nameless

"He is banished from the Guild, his name stricken from the Book. His punishment is to never have been." - Excerpt from a burned parchment

Type: Helm

Description: You gain [15%] — [ 25%] increased Lucky Hit Chance against Crowd Controlled enemies.


style="width: 15%;" | Eyes_in_the_Dark.png

Eyes in the Dark

"And so, when the sun dipped behind the hills each night, he knew that Ashen Jack would soon be near. Watching, and waiting." - Greenslade's Tales, Chapter 2: "Each Long Night"

Type: Pants

Description: Unless it hits a Boss or Player, Death Trap will continue to re-arm itself until it kills an enemy. However, Death Trap's Cooldown is increased by [0.25%].


  • While Injured, Your Potion Also Grants Movement Speed for 2 Seconds
  • Dodge Chance
  • + Shadow Imbued Skill Damage
  • + Damage to Elites
  • Damage to Trapped Enemies