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Reap is a Necromancer skill from the Basic skill tree. Its features are:

Grants Player Exploits Condition
Shadow Dmg N/A
Dmg Reduction
Attack Speed

'Grants Player' means this skill creates this condition i.e it could make a target Vulnerable. 'Exploits Condition' means this skill takes advantage of this condition, not necessarily of its own making. So for example another skill might Stun and this skill could take advantage of that.

Reap Details and Upgrades

Reap Skill


Sweep an ethereal scythe in front of you, dealing 13% damage.

Hitting an enemy with Reap increases your Damage Reduction by 15% for 2 seconds.

Damage: Shadow

Generates Essence : 4 per enemy hit

Lucky Hit Chance: 17%

Tags: Basic, Darkness


Upgrade Hub
Enhanced Reap

If an enemy hit by Reap dies within 2 seconds, you gain +30% Attack Speed for 3 seconds.

Upgrade Hub
Acolyte's Reap

Reap forms a Corpse under the first enemy hit. Can only occur every 4 seconds.

Upgrade Hub
Initiate's Reap

Reap instantly kills enemies below 5% Life.

This does not work on Bosses or Players.

Items that work with Reap

The following items either:

  • Grant a bonus when using Reap
  • Create a condition Reap can exploit
  • Exploit a condition Reap creates

Legendary Aspects

There are no Legendary Aspect that are tailored for use with Reap.

Unique Items

There are no Unique items that are tailored for use with Reap.

Changes to Reap

Patch 1.0.3, June 27, 2023

  • Base damage increased from 12% to 13%.
  • Acolyte's Reap - Cooldown between Corpses reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.