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Necromancer Unique Items

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Necromancer Unique items come with bonuses that are more suited to the class to augment either Necromancer skills or stats that benefit the class.

Black River

"The scrolls describe a river of tar that separated the living from the land of the dead. Any unfortunate soul who tried to cross would be dragged down into oblivion." - Notes of Scholar Kamien

Type: Scythe

Description: Corpse Explosion consumes up to [4.0] additional Corpses around the initial Corpse, dealing [122%] — [ 130%] increased damage and with a [21%] — [ 25%] larger radius per additional Corpse.


  • Life On Kill
  • +Intelligence
  • + Damage to Distant Enemies
  • + Damage to Healthy Enemies
style="width: 12%;" | Bloodless_Scream.png

Bloodless Scream

"My companion swung her odd weapon in a wide arc, and our pursuer stopped short. The look of horror on his face as his body fell to pieces will haunt me forever." - The Ebon Pages, Canto II, Verse XI

Type: Two-Handed Scythe

Description: Your Darkness Skills Chill enemies for up to [40.0%].

Lucky Hit: Your Darkness Skills have up to a [100.0%] chance to generate [2] — [ 5] additional Essence against Frozen targets.


  • Life On Kill
  • Darkness Skill Damage
  • Damage to Chilled Enemies
  • + Damage to Frozen Enemies
  • Cold Resistance
style="width: 12%;" | Deathspeakers_Pendant.png

Deathspeaker's Pendant

Once a sanctum for Rathma's studies, the Temple of the Deathspeaker became a proving grounds for potential leaders of his priesthood. Its halls are filled with the corpses of those who failed.

Type: Amulet

Description: Blood Surge casts a mini nova on your Minions, dealing X damage. Damage is increased by [10.0%] per target drained by the initial cast, up to [50.0%].


  • Resistance to All Elements
  • Amulet_Unique_Necro_100
  • Blood Skill Damage
  • Summoned Minson Damage
  • + Overpower Damage
  • +Ranks to Coalesced Blood
style="width: 12%;" | Greaves_of_the_Empty_Tomb.png

Greaves of the Empty Tomb

"The massive door to my family's crypt, which had taken a dozen men to close, was thrown open. Had I known the horrors to come I never would have set foot inside!" -The Ebon Pages, Canto I, Verse VII

Type: Boots

Description: Create desecrated ground beneath your Sever spectres as they travel, damaging enemies for X Shadow damage over [2.0] seconds.


  • + Max Evade |4Charge:Charges;
  • Boots_Unique_Necro_100
  • Intelligence
  • Essence Cost Reduction
  • Lucky Chance with Shadow Dmg
  • Damage Reduction from Affected by Shadow Damage Over Time Enemies
style="width: 12%;" | Blood_Artisans_Cuirass.png

Blood Artisan's Cuirass

"The infamous Necromancer Gaza-Thul's mastery over blood magic was indisputable. Many suspect that upon his death, his skin was used to fashion this eldritch armor." - Barrett's Book of Implements

Type: Chest Armor

Description: When you pick up [5] — [ 10] Blood Orbs, a free Bone Spirit is spawned, dealing bonus damage based on your current Life percent.


style="width: 12%;" | Howl_from_Below.png

Howl from Below

"Can you not hear it? That endless scream from the cold earth beneath your feet!? They are down there, trapped, blind with rage! Waiting to drag us down into the sod!" - Ravings of Madman Gustav

Type: Gloves

Description: Instead of detonating immediately, Corpse Explosion summons a Volatile Skeleton that charges at a random enemy and explodes. Corpse Explosion's damage is increased by [30%] — [ 40%].


style="width: 12%;" | Deathless_Visage.png

Deathless Visage

"Rathma is endless. He was the first Ancient, and will remain at the end. He is the master of the Great Cycle of Being. When Death comes for him, why should he fear it?" - Vauntus, Acolyte of Rathma

Type: Helm

Description: Bone Spear leaves behind echoes as it travels that explode, dealing X damage.


style="width: 12%;" | Ring_of_Mendeln.png

Ring of Mendeln

The signet of Mendeln ul-Diomed, the founder of the Priests of Rathma and the first Necromancer, was lost for over 3,000 years. The immense power over death held within, however, has not diminished.

Type: Ring

Description: While you have [7.0] or more Minions you gain: {icon:bullet,1.2} Lucky Hit: Up to a [10.0%] chance to empower all of your Minions, causing the next attack from each to explode for X Physical damage.


  • Shadow Resistance
  • Ring_Unique_Necro_100
  • + Lucky Hit Chance
  • + {0} Attack Speed
  • Maximum Minion Life
  • + Thorns