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Legendary Items

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Diablo 4 legendary items are at the top tier of the itemisation system. As item quality increases, an item’s affixes will improve and will allow players to dip into areas of their skills that they may not have focused on in their skill tree. This will allow players to create more diverse character builds.

It can be confusin, but Legendary items are best described as an item with a Legendary Aspect attached to it. This is what makes a Legendary Item different from say a Rare item. I has an extra power.

Legendary Items and Legendary Aspects are intrinsically tied together.

Diablo 4 Item Tiers

The tiers of items progress as follows.

  • Normal: 1 modifier
  • Magic: 1 random modifier
  • Rare: 2 extra random modifiers
  • Unique: Fixed affixes, class-specific
  • Legendary: 2 random modifiers and 1 Legendary modifier.
  • Set Item: Still to be added to the game.
  • Ancient Set: Still to be added to the game.

Legendaries are being designed to offer customised skills beyond the skill system thanks to the Legendary Aspects tied to the item.

Legendary Items and Classes

In the most part, Legendary items are mainly tied to a class but there are many that will function well for all classes.

Legendary Items and Skills

Legendary Items come with powers that augment your skills or even give you access to skills you may not have spents a point in. This gives playera another way to build their character not only around the skill tree but also what Legendary items they equip.

Legendary Aspects

Legendary item powers are really "Aspects" and are one and the same. These Aspects can be collected by the player and are wither stored in thein the inventory after extracting them from a Legendary Item or stored in the Codex of Power. Codex of power Aspects are only found as Dungeopn competion rewards.

Below are all the Legendary Aspects (Powers) in the game.

Aspects Navbar