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Health Potions

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Health potions are used to refill a player's health orb and keep them alive.

A character loses Life through being hit by melee, ranged and magical attacks, but can also be affected by traps and objects bound to the physics engine behaviour.

Where to get Health Potions

Health potions can either be collected in the world from drops or created and purchased at an Alchemist.

Health points can be replenished with Health Globes that drop when monsters are killed. You just need to walk over these globes to gain health back in large chunks.

Health Potions and Bosses

Bosses will provide health potion drops at various points during battle. These often drop when a boss's Stagger Meter at the top of the screen hits milestone indicated by the small triangles on the bar.

Boss Health Drops
Boss Health Drops

Health on the Interface

Health potions should be used when the red orb is depleting to a low level. They can be activated with the 'Q' key as shown on the interface.

Health Globe
Health Globe

Other Methods of Health Regeneration

Other means to refill your health blog includes regeneration from gear, healing wells, healing skills, gear that adds life when dealing damage or killing targets, and more.