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Generic Unique Items

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Generic Unique items come with bonuses that are suited to all class to augment either skills or stats.


The Butcher's Cleaver

A nightmarish amalgam of blood, bone and steel, this axe is as horrific, and as deadly, as its creator.

Type: Axe

Description: Lucky Hit: When you Critically Strike an enemy you have up to a [100.0%] chance to Fear and Slow them by [40%] — [ 75%] for [4.0] seconds.




Whenever this ancient sword has reappeared throughout history, it portends a time of great strife, as well as a devastating loss of life.

Type: Sword

Description: Lucky Hit: Up to a [%] chance to deal X Shadow damage to surrounding enemies and reduce their damage done by [20.0%] for [5.0] seconds.

  • + Critical Strike Damage
  • 1HSword_Unique_Generic_001
  • + Core Skill Damage
  • Damage
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Heal + Life
  • +% Maximum Life


The Grandfather

An unbroken lineage of unwavering strength.

Type: Two-Handed Sword

Description: Increases your Critical Strike Damage by [0%].

The other properties on this weapon can roll higher than normal.



Melted Heart of Selig

"Do not allow your passions to become obsessions. Fuel the fire that burns within you, but it is madness to allow yourself to become ash to please an uncaring universe." - Last words of Master Selig

Type: Amulet

Description: Gain [30.0%%|] Maximum Resource. In addition, when you take damage, drain [3] — [ 8] Resource for every [1.0%] of Life you would have lost instead.

  • Resistance to All Elements
  • All Stats
  • + Core Skill Damage
  • + Damage while Healthy
  • Resource Regeneration


Penitent Greaves

Remorseful devotees of the Cathedral of Light must undertake a grueling pilgrimage, journeying across the frigid glacier known as the Serac Rapture. Only then may their gravest sins be forgiven.

Type: Boots

Description: You leave behind a trail of frost that Chills enemies. You deal [0.4%] more damage to Chilled enemies.

  • Evade Grants + Movement Speed for 1 Second
  • + Movement Speed
  • + Crowd Control Duration
  • Reduced Duration of Enemy Slow
  • Cold Resistance



Crafted by the cannibal Armoda, each piece of this interlocking armor has been sharpened into a knife's edge. Even a century after death, the plate remained on her corpse, unable to be removed safely.

Type: Chest Armor

Description: Gain X Thorns

  • Chest_Unique_Generic_100


Fists of Fate

"Will you let fear cheat you, or will you risk everything to find understanding? After all, death is simply the coin with which we purchase life." - Zurke

Type: Gloves

Description: Your attacks randomly deal [1%] to [200%] — [ 300%] of their normal damage.

  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Heal + Life
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Restore + Primary Resource
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a + Chance to Immobilize
  • Daze Chance



A touch so frigid it stops the heart and chills the very soul.

Type: Gloves

Description: Lucky Hit: Up to a [15%] — [ 25%] chance to Freeze enemies for [2.0] seconds.

  • + Critical Strike Chance
  • + Cold Imbued Skill Damage
  • Freeze Duration
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Restore + Primary Resource


Andariel's Visage

The horrific whispers of the Maiden of Anguish flicker through your mind, pushing you ever closer to madness...

Type: Helm

Description: Lucky Hit: Up to a [15%] — [ 20%] chance to trigger a poison nova that applies [X] Poisoning damage over [5.0] seconds to enemies in the area.

  • All Stats
  • + Attack Speed
  • Life Steal
  • Poison Resistance


Harlequin Crest

"This headdress was once worn by an assassin disguised as a court mage. Her treachery was unveiled, but not before she used its magic to curse the king's entire lineage." - The Fall of House Aston

Type: Helm

Description: Gain [10|1%|] — [ 20|1%|] Damage Reduction. In addition, gain +[4.0] Ranks to all Skills.

  • Maximum Life
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Resource Regeneration
  • All Stats



"The revelation that master tailor Callas was in fact a witch only served to further fuel the desire for her uniquely enchanted legwraps." - Barrett's Book of Implements

Type: Pants

Description: Effects that Heal you beyond [100.0%] Life grant you a Barrier up to [40%] — [ 80%] of your Maximum Life that lasts for [8.0] seconds.

  • While Injured, Your Potion Also Grants Movement Speed for 2 Seconds
  • All Stats
  • + Potion Drop Rate
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Heal + Life
  • + Healing


Mother's Embrace

"Every tome, every scroll, every book in this temple produces the same answer. The only being willing to stand against the Eternal Conflict, against the Prime Evils, was Lilith." - Elias

Type: Ring

Description: If a Core Skill hits [5.0] or more enemies, [20%] — [ 40%] of the Resource cost is refunded.



Ring of Starless Skies

"Yours is the power to pluck the stars from the heavens with the ease of a child gathering fruit from the bough." - Unknown

Type: Ring

Description: Each consecutive Core Skill cast reduces the Resource cost of your next Core Skill by [8%] — [ 12%], up to a maximum of [40.0%].