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Flesh from Bone

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Quest Description

Campaign Quest

Meet Meshif at the edge of the sandstorm

Meshif is an odd character, but claims to know his way through the sandstorm. He refers to Lorath as "Deckard" and breaks from thought to reminisce on the past. If anything, the journey ahead will not be without entertainment.

Quest Path

  • Speak with Meshif
  • Meet Lorath and Meshif at the Forsaken Chapel
  • Follow Meshif through the sandstorm
  • Meet Meshif outside of the storm
  • Wait out the severe winds
  • Follow Meshif to cover
  • Meet Meshif on the palace steps
  • Check on Meshif
  • Speak with Lorath
  • Speak with Meshif to continue the journey
  • Protect Meshif and Isabella