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Entombed Legacy

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Quest Description

Campaign Quest

Go with Donan to Astaroth's Tomb

I learned Donan and the other heroes had not killed Astaroth as the stories say but had imprisoned him in a soulstone buried beneath Eldhaime Keep. Lilith has also learned the location of the tomb. All we can do is follow and hope we are not too late to stop her from resurrecting Astaroth.

Quest Path

  • Follow Donan to the passage
  • Talk with Donan
  • Speak with Donan
  • Go with Donan through Eldhaime Barracks
  • Escort Donan to Astaroth's tomb
  • Investigate the blood petals
  • Enter Eldhaime Barracks
  • Go with Donan to the tomb
  • Go with Donan to the passage