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The Diablo 4 wiki is now open for the community to add to and update. This site is designed to be a resource for all Diablo IV players covering all aspects of the game.

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Diablo 4 Beta Buzz

Diablo 4 Beta Test - Beta Buzz

Get the latest information on the upcoming Diablo 4 beta test.

Diablo 4 FAQ

Diablo 4 FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about the game in the extensive Diablo 4 FAQ.

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Diablo 4 Interactive Map


Weapons Types
Axes Staves Wands
Maces Swords Bows
Two-Handed Maces Two-handed Swords Crossbows
Polearms Daggers Flails
Helms Boots Leg Armor
Chest Armor Gloves Rings
Amulets Shields
Quality Tiers
Legendary Unique Rare Magic
Gems Crafting Materials Quest Items

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Latest Diablo 4 Discussion

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I wish everyone goodluck.
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