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Diablo 4 Cow Farming Locations

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As part of the Diablo 4 Secret Cow Level puzzle, players have to farm 666 cows in three zones to gain the three special items.

Where to Farm Cows

The key farming locations are in Scosglen, Hawezar, and the Dry Steppes. The images below show where the cows are located and how many (max) are at each location.

It does not matter what level your character is or what World Tier you are playing on.

How to obtain each item

Players need to kill a total of 666 cows to obtain one of the following three items needed to obtain the Strange Key. Only the first item to drop requires 666 cow kills. The subsequent two items will drop based on RNG (Random Number Generator) so keep farming for the remaining two items. They could drop 10 kills after your initial 666 or even 1,000.

If you do not want to play the RNG game, create another character and kill another 666 cows for a guaranteed drop of whichever item you are missing.

How to get each of the items.

Players will need to keep track of their own kill count to make sure their 666th kill is in the correct zone to get the first item they need.

Note. When the item drop happens it is a white item and can be easily missed.

It's worth noting that these items can also be drop-traded (drop item on ground) between players within the same party.

Cow Farming Map Locations

On the following maps, the numbers by the cows are the max number that can appear. Sometimes it may be fewer or may have already been farmed by another player.

Watch Farming Rotation Examples

Cow Map Locations

The Dry Steppes location is the easiest farm with cows being in close proximity to each other. It takes around one minute to farm all cows. Leave the game and start a new game to repeat.

Dry Steppes Cow Farming - Intricate Metallic Fragment

In Hawezar, to keep farming fast, concentrate on the three cow locations south of Zarbinzet for up to 9 cow kills. This takes about 1.5 minutes. Leave the game and start a new game to repeat. You could also just farm the 3 cow locations to the south to save map traveling.

Hawezar Cow Farming Locations
Hawezar Cow Farming Locations - Bloody Wooden Shard

Scosglen can take around 3.5 minutes to farm but there is one location that has up to 6 cows. Also, jump to the close Firebreak Manor Waypoint and kill the cows in the field next to the Waypoint. Activate an AOE skill outside of the town zone and walk back into the field. The cows just fall over.

Ignoring the cows in the top right, you can still obtain 15 cows max on a run. If you want to do it fast then farm the 2 cows on the left, log out, log back in and farm them again. This gives 6 cows per run with no map traveling.

Scosglen Cow Farming Locations
Scosglen Cow Farming Locations -Musty Tome

Thanks to the D4 Not finding a Cow Level Discord for figuring a lot of this out.[1]