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Name Description
Chill Chilled enemies have reduced Movement Speed. Repeatedly Chilling an enemy will Freeze it.

Chill is a Status Effect.

Chill will slow the movement speed of a target but hit the target enough times with a Chilling skill and they become Frozen at which point they can't move or attack. However, they can be shattered when attacked, instant death and exploding into shards of ice leaving behind no corpse.

Whilst Frozen, the target is still considered Chilled also so skills that take advantage of that Status Effect will still apply.

Of course, enemy attacks can also Chill or Freeze players but they can free themselves. Skills that cause a player to become Unstoppable will break the Chill or Freeze. For example, the Barbarian has Charge and Wrath of the Berserker, the Rogue has Shadow Step and Concealment, the Druid has Earthen Bulwark and the Sorcerer has Teleport. There doesn't appear to be anything that makes the Necromancer Unstoppable so he'll just have to wait it out.