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Blood Orb

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Blood Orb is classified as Status Effect that is only available to Necromancers.

Name Description
Blood Orb Blood Orbs heal you (Necromancer) for 15% of your Maximum Life when picked up.

Skills that affect Blood Orb

Blood Orbs will not spawn automatically for the Necromancer but rather only if he has certain skills active or equips an Aspect of the Embalmer. When they do appear you simply have to walk over them to consume them.

Basic Tree
Hamorrhage Skill


Burst an enemy's blood, dealing 27% damage. Hemorrhage has 20% chance to form a Blood Orb.

Damage: Physical

Generates: 9 Essence

Lucky Hit Chance: 35%

Tags: Basic, Blood


Upgrade Hub
Enhanced Hemorrhage

After picking up a Blood Orb, your next Hemorrhage also deals damage to enemies around your target and grants 2 additional Essence per enemy hit


Core Tree
Upgrade Hub
Supernatural Blood Lance

After casting Blood Lance 6 times, your next cast of Blood Lance is guaranteed to Overpower and spawns a Blood Orb under the first enemy hit.


Corpse & Macabre 2 Tree
Upgrade Hub
Blighted Corpse Tendrils

Corpse Tendrils has a 35% chance to drop a Blood Orb when damaging enemies.



Blood Orbs also heal your Minions for 15% of the amount.

Point required in Gruesome Mending.


Ultimate Tree
Upgrade Hub
Supreme Blood Wave

Blood Wave leaves behind 3 Blood Orbs as it travels.


Legendary Aspects that affect Blood Orb

Apart from Aspect of the Embalmer you will need to have an active skill that creates Blood Orbs for any of these Aspects to be beneficial. Aspect of the Embalmer is the only Aspect that actually creates Blood Orbs.

Aspect of the Embalmer
Defensive Consuming a Corpse has a [20-30%] chance to spawn a Blood Orb.

Helm, Chest, Pants, Shield, Amulet (+50%)

Extraction Necromancer
Aspect of Potent Blood
Resource While at full Life, Blood Orbs grant [10-20] Essence.


Betrayer's Row
Dry Steppes Necromancer
Fastblood Aspect
Resource Blood Orbs reduce your Ultimate Cooldown by 1 - 1.5 seconds.


Iron Hold
Hawezar Necromancer
Gore Quills Aspect
Offensive Blood Lance will consume Blood Orbs to also conjure lances from them. Each additional Blood Lance deals 20-50% of normal damage and prioritizes targeting un-lanced enemies.

Gloves, Offhand, 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon (+100%), Ring, Amulet (+50%)

Extraction Necromancer

* Extraction means the Legendary Aspect can be removed from any Legendary item at the Occultist. A dungeon name means the Aspect will be added to your Codex of Power as a reward after completing that dungeon.

Unique Items that affect Blood Orb

This Chest Armor does not create the Blood Orb. You will need to have an active skill that creates them in order to benefit from the special property.


Blood Artisan's Cuirass

"The infamous Necromancer Gaza-Thul's mastery over blood magic was indisputable. Many suspect that upon his death, his skin was used to fashion this eldritch armor." - Barrett's Book of Implements

Type: Chest Armor

Description: When you pick up 5 - 10 Blood Orbs, a free Bone Spirit is spawned, dealing bonus damage based on your current Life percent.

Affixes: - Item Power 725

  • + 10.5 - 17.5% Blood Orb Healing
  • + 10.5 - 17.5% Damage for 4 secs after picking up a Blood Orb
  • + 2.0 - 4.8% Total Armor
  • + 2 - 3 Ranks of Bone Spirit

Paragon Glyphs and Nodes that affect Blood Orb

blood begets blood
Blood Begets Blood
Legendary Node
Blood Orbs grant x5% increased damage, up to x15%, for 5 seconds.
blood drinker rare glyph
Rare Glyph
Radius Size: 3. Next Radius Increase at Level 15.
Bonus: Grants +30.0% bonus to all Magic nodes within range.
Additional Bonus (if requirements met): Blood Orbs Fortify you for 6.67% of your Maximum Life.
Requirements (purchased in radius range): +40 Intelligence