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Barbarian Passives

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Below is a list of all Barbarian Talents as found in the Barbarian Skill Tree.

These talents are passives which can be acquired by the player in the skill tree.


Required Points: N/A


Required Points: 2

talent hub circle
Pressure point

Lucky Hit: Your core skills have up to a 10% to make enemies Vulnerable for 2 seconds.

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Endless Fury

Basic skills generate x5% more Fury when using Two-Handed weapons.


Required Points: 6

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Imposing Presence

Gain x15% additional Maximum Life.

Physical Damage

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Martial Vigor

Damage Reduction against Elites, Bosses, and Players is increased by x4%.

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Gain 25Thorns. Also gain 25 Thorns for each 31 bonus Maximum Life you have.

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Tough as Nails

Increase your Thorns by +20%.


Required Points: 11

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Booming Voice

Shout skill durations are increased by x30%.

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Raid Leader

Your Shouts also Heal allies for 18.6 Life per second.

Guttural Yell

Your Shout Skills cause enemies to deal x8% less damage for 5 seconds.

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Movement Speed is increased by +4%

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Quick Impulses

Reduce the duration of Control Impairing Effects by x12%.

Aggressive Resistance

Gain 4% Damage Reduction while Berserking.

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Battle Frenzy

When a Brawling Skill damages at least one enemy, gain Berserking for 1 second.

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Prolific Fury

While Berserking, Fury Generation is increased by x6%.

Weapon Mastery

Required Points: 16


Your Bleeding effects Slow enemies by 10%

Cut to the Bone

Your Bleeding effects deal x6% increased damage to Vulnerable Enemies.

Pit Fighter

You deal x3% increased damage to Close enemies and gain 2% Distant Damage Reduction.

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No Mercy

You deal x5% increased damage against Immobilized, Stunned, or Slowed enemies.

Expose Vulnerability

Dealing direct damage with a Weapon Mastery skill causes your next Core Skill to make enemies Vulnerable for x1.5 seconds.

talent hub circle
Slaying Strike

You deal x8% increased damage against Injured enemies.

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Thick Skin

Each time you take direct damage gain 0.14 Fortify.

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While Fortified for over 50% of your Maximum Life, you deal x5% increased damage.

Defensive Posture

Increase the Damage Reduction gained while you are Fortified by an additional +3%.


Required Points: 23

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Attack Speed is increased by 3% while using One-Handed weapons.

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Your Skills using Bludgeoning weapons deal x5% increased damage if the enemy is Stunned or Vulnerable.


Lucky Hit: Skills using Bludgeoning weapons have up to a 10% chance to Stun enemies for 3 seconds, or up to a 15% chance when using a Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon.

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Heavy Handed

While using Two-Handed weapons you deal x5%increased Critical Strike Damage.

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Brute Force

Your Overpower deals x15% increased damage when using a Two-Handed weapon

Tempered Fury

Increase your Maximum Fury by 3.

Invigorating Fury

Heals you for 2% of your Maximum Life for each 100 Fury spent.

Upgrade Hub
Furious Impulse

Each time you swap weapons, gain 2 Fury.


Required Points: 33 (You can only choose one)

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Unbridled Rage

Core Skills deal x135% increased damage, but cost x100%more.

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Walking Arsenal

Dealing direct damage with a Two-Handed Bludgeoning, Two-Handed Slashing, or Dual Wielded weapons grants x10% increased damage for 6 seconds.

While all three damage bonuses are active, you gain an additional x15% increased damage.

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Gushing Wounds

Killing a Bleeding enemy creates an explosion that inflicts 11.55% 4 Bleeding damage over 3 seconds.


Increase Berserk's maximum duration by 5 seconds and increase its damage bonus by x25%.