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Arc Lash

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Arc Lash

Unleash arcing lightning that shocks enemies in front of you for 42%. Every 10 times Arc Lash swipes, it Stuns all enemies hit for 2 seconds.

Enchantment Slot Effect

Whenever you are hit, there is a 20% chance the attacker is Stunned for 1 second.

Damage: Lightning

Tags: Basic, Shock

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Enhanced Arc Lash

If Arc Lash's initial swipe Critically Strikes, it swipes and additional time.

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Glinting Arc Lash

Hitting a Stunned enemy with Arc Lash reduces your cooldowns by 0.25 seconds.

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Flickering Arc Lash

Gain 6% Movement Speed for 5 seconds per enemy hit with Arc Lash, up to 18%.